The new corporate identity and web site of K Tahtadjiev’s IP bureau has just been announced

We are thrilled to announce that after months of intensive work, our new corporate identity and redesigned web site has just become a fact.

Our aim was to change our corporate identity which would be more successful, modern, stylish and appealing, which in turn would support us to represent our mission and objectives. Indispensable part of such change is also the necessity of a new boutique website which is well-balanced and technologically contemporary. The main objectives of our new web site were to provide all end users with a more detailed and comprehensive information about the IP objects per se, in particular patents, trademarks, utility model and industrial designsAdditionally, our goal was to outline our services in the IP domain in order to increase the usability impact on our current and potential clients.

Thankfully to the personal style, individualism, creativity and dedication of the young designers’ team of Pixel Houseall the objectives have been successfully achieved and developed. In our opinion, what they have created is a uniquely balanced and alluring corporate identity and web site.

For each IP object we have provided a detailed general information which would be more useful for all users, including those not familiar with Industrial Property at all. In addition to this, a further more comprehensive and specific information on some of the IP object of interest and in which we are competent to handle has also been outlined, i.e. Bulgarian Patent, European Patent, Bulgarian Trademark, European Union Trademark etc. Such specific information include illustration of the respective procedures, approximate timelines for completion, costs and key reasons for using the IP object in question.


Finally, our services have been divided to a great and detailed extend, so that we can meticulously illustrate our competency in each service that we offer. For instance, our patent services now minutely represent all the relevant assistance that we might provide our clients with, in that particular IP domain. The same applies to our trademark servicesutility model services and industrial design services.


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