Filing a PCT Application


Filing and Prosecution of PCT Application -

Filing and prosecuting a PCT application is rather complex and cumbersome process

However, filing a PCT application is very strategic approach for the majority of companies as it has many advantages. 

We attach great importance to repeatedly analyzing and optimizing strategies in industrial property rights concerning the relationship between costs and benefits for our clients in particular. A PCT application is definitely one of the most strategic and valuable approaches for patent inventors and applicants.


For all PCT applications that we handle, we start with the patent drafting, which is the first and foremost step before initiating the PCT procedure.

As qualified Bulgarian Patent Attorneys and EQE qualified European Patent Attorney, we assist our clients with filing and prosecuting their PCT applications with the Bulgarian Patent Office, European Patent Office or WIPO. Our prominent patent qualifications coupled with the expertise, technical competence and experience in the patent domain, help us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for protection of their inventions globally.


Upon completion of the international phase, we further collaborate and support our clients to obtain protection of their inventions on a national level, i.e. in the form of granted Bulgarian Patentand/or regional scale, i.e. in the form of a granted European Patent.

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