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the legal competence coupled with the experience in the trademark domain counts above all else.

T here is no point in  establishing a detailed and comprehensive trademark portfolio if it is not possible for the trademark owners to enforce their trademark rights effectively in a world where expanding commercial trading have facilitated infringement of protected rights.


The registered Trademark Registration is not an end in itself. The trade mark owner must be his own policemen and safeguards his exclusive rights because they are not automatically applied to infringers. The owners of TMs must keep abreast of their competitor’s actions. The market use and/or attempts for registrations of confusingly similar trademarks by your competitors must constantly be monitored and subsequently enforced in order to avoid financial loss and/or harming your reputation. The trademark monitoring and enforcement protect the time and money you have invested in building your trademark image on the market. Without a proper approach and actions in time for enforcing rights, your registered trademark has no value.

As Qualified European & Bulgarian Trademark Attorneys, we have been providing high-quality counseling and representation in trademark cases before the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), WIPO and Bulgarian courts.


Our services encompass filing oppositions against applications for Bulgarian Trademark Registration and/or European Trademark Registration, non-use cancellation proceedings against already registered Bulgarian Trademarks and/or European Union (EU) Trademarks and legal representation in infringement proceedings before the relevant courts. We also handle administrative appeal disputes and border measures with the Bulgarian Customs Authorities. Thankfully, to our globally acquired relationship with well-recognized Trademark Agencies in all jurisdictions around the globe, we are able to provide you border control measures in each country that has applied such regime of the European Union and worldwide as well.

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