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Registration of Industrial Design in Bulgaria -

Should you seek registration of an industrial design in Bulgaria,

it is advisable to consult experienced Bulgarian Design Attorney who can advise you whether the product is eligible for design registration and who knows how to present the appearance of a product in the industrial design application so as to acquire the broadest possible protection.

Often creative and valuable appearance of products cannot be protected by registration for industrial design due to misunderstanding and non-compliance with the numberless requirements under the Bulgarian Industrial Design Law. Although registered, the protection conferred on the design might not be legally binding and thus not protecting owner’s interest due to badly representation of the design in question.


In this case, the close collaboration and personal dialogue between the designer and his Bulgarian Design Attorney is of utmost importance in order to enable him to identify as precisely as possible the main aspects of the creative development of products’ design.


We are skilled in the industrial design management in the broadest sense. Not only do our design services encompass filing and prosecution of applications for registration of Bulgarian Industrial Design before the Bulgarian Patent Office, but also maintenance, transfer of rights for BG industrial design, Industrial design license agreements, enforcement and counseling on the protected rights.  Together with our clients, we find the most appropriate IP strategy. It might as well happen that in addition to the aesthetic features of a product, the same product also has some technical and functional improvements that also worth protection. In such cases, we simultaneously proceed further and provide support for protecting these aspects as well, by either filing a Bulgarian Patent Application and/or application for utility model registration in Bulgaria.

Although the whole process for obtaining a Bulgarian Industrial Design is relatively short, it only takes between 1-3 months, it is not a routine administrative matter and may contain many pitfalls. Thus, our expertise is here to help you obtaining legally binding protection of your creative products’ appearance in one-go, avoiding any obstacles and without imposing additional costs.


In the face of M.Sc. Konstantin Tahtadjiev as a qualified Bulgarian Industrial Design Attorney with extensive experience in this specific intellectual property field, we independently take into account the priorities of each client and support them throughout the process of registration of an industrial design in Bulgaria. Our expertise is not confined to the boundaries of Bulgaria only and we assist our clients in selecting the unique designs that best suit to their businesses. We are experienced in handling industrial design cases at the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as in proceedings before the Bulgarian courts, which in combination with our services of Registration of Community Industrial Design (RCD) and Registration of International Industrial Design might provide the best strategic approach globally.


Our dedication, individual approach towards every client and professionalism, results in an obtained industrial design right valid for the territory of Bulgaria which brings value to our clients assets and design portfolios.


* REMARKS: 1) This is an approximate time scale; 2) Attorney fees are not included and all official fees are tentative

Getting acquainted with your business goals


Getting acquainted with your territorial goals, budget and products that you offer and their respective designs and aesthetic concepts.

Initial assessment of the design


Initial assessment of the design per se and providing objective legal opinion on its registrability. In case your design is not considered to be a design, we provide you with recommendations as to how to protect it via alternative IP objects or how to convert it into design.

Preliminary Design Search


We conduct preliminary design searches for novelty and collision with identical or confusingly similar earlier design rights for the territory of Bulgaria. The duration of the search could be different depending on the needs of the clients. Urgent searches are usually not free of charge.

Analysing the results from the preliminary search


We strive to provide as objective as possible legal opinion on design’s chances for registration success based on the results, which are never 100% exhaustive.We are transparent and strive to “open your eyes” by not hiding the problematic results. On the contrary, we are objective with the negative results (if any) and provide you with our advice and recommendations for designing around the possible collisions. Otherwise, your registered design might turn out to be a wrong investment and possibly detrimental for your business in the long run.

Filing an application for Registration of Bulgarian Industrial Design


After receiving a “green light” from the design search and our client, we meticulously prepare a legally strong application for protection of your design and coordinate it with you for a final approval. Upon acknowledgement of the final approval, we proceed further with filing and prosecution of the BG design application with BPO. The Official fees due at the filing stage amount to about 60 EUR and cover 1 design only. A surcharge of about 20 EUR is also levied for each design in excess of 1 in case of filing a multiple application for BG design registration belonging to the same products and classes. Our filing report is forwarded to the client.

Registration and issuance of BG design Registration Certificate


We then register your BG design and pay the official fees for BG design registration which amount to about 135 EUR and cover 1 image of the design only, and a surcharge of about 16 EUR is also levied for each additional image. The Bulgarian Industrial Design is then also published as registered and entered in the design registers of the Bulgarian Patent Office. The issued certificate for registration of a Bulgarian design is forwarded to the client together with our ID reports on registration. The prosecution process is closed and your design is duly recorded in our database system for monitoring its term of protection. The design owner acquires protection for a period of 10 years calculated as of the date of filing.

BG Design Renewal


Upon completion of your BG registration (step 6), your BG design details are entered in our files and we subsequently send you timely reminders for the design renewal – in due time before the 10 year period of protection of your registered BG industrial design. The registration may be renewed for 3 consecutive periods of 5 years, maximum 25 years as from the filing date. The official fee expenses for Bulgarian Design Renewal amount to about 140 EUR for first renewal; about 190 EUR for second renewal and about 260 EUR for third renewal.

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