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Trademark Renewals and Maintenance -

Maintaining your registered trademarks alive by paying their respective trademark renewal fees is a crucial task for your business.

Huge trademark portfolios experience significant difficulties in monitoring numberless trademark renewal deadlines, as well as the innumerable trademark renewal fees in many countries and various currencies.

We provide our clients with a cost-effective and reliable single-entry point for monitoring and paying the renewal fees of their trademark portfolios in all jurisdictions around the globe.


We monitor the renewal due dates for every single trademark and country of interest. Subsequently we send renewal reminders for the forthcoming deadline in due time, so that you can never miss a term. It is a welcome opportunity for trademark owners to consider well in advance whether it is still worth having their trademarks renewed, as the trademark in question may be no longer in use or of commercial value. 


With just one instruction, we proceed further with the payment of renewal fees in all countries of interest, being it for a registered Bulgarian Trademark, European Union (EU) Trademark, or International Trademark, or for national trademarks in other jurisdictions. 


More over, the costs are further reduced as we provide structured, fixed and transparent expenses in one currency (EUR), coupled with the TM renewal reminders.


  • Duly time reminders for the renewal fees’ due dates
  • Single and centralised point of contact
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Fast, simplified and reliable procedure 
  • Reduced costs and bank charges
  • Structured, fixed, transparent and predictable expenses in one currency (EUR)

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