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Entering PCT national phase in Bulgaria must take place within 31 months following the filing date of the PCT application.

If priority has been claimed, then the 31 month period is calculated as from the earliest priority date of the PCT application.

Iaddition to the non-extendable 31 month period that the applicant must comply with, there are other indispensable steps that must fulfil the provisions under the Bulgarian Law on Patents.


At this point, the PCT application transforms into an independent application for Bulgarian patent or Utility model registration in Bulgaria which enjoy the date of filling and/or priority date of the international patent application.


These essential steps can be summarized as follows:


  • Appointing a Bulgarian Patent Attorney
  • Translation of the entire specification of the PCT application into Bulgarian
  • Filing of the relevant filing documents concerning PCT national application in Bulgaria, as well as the translated PCT patent specification into Bulgarian
  • Paying the priority (if applicable), filing, search and examination fees.
  • Monitoring numberless deadlines under the national patent law

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