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Filing and prosecution of International Trademark Registration -

Filing and prosecuting an International Trademark Registration is essential strategic approach

in the context of the dynamic development of international economic relations where the role of trademarks in the international and domestic markets is growing at a tremendous pace.

W hen it comes to the question in which foreign countries, trademark protection should be obtained, we as Bulgarian and European Trademark Attorneys compare and combine our worldwide experience and information about the situation prevailing in respect of each foreign country in which protection is contemplated.


We attach great importance to repeatedly analyzing and optimizing strategies in industrial property rights concerning the relationship between costs and benefits for our clients in particular. An International Trademark is definitely one of the most strategic and valuable approaches for companies and individuals contemplating expanding their business across the globe in the most reliable, qualified and cost-effective manner.


For any IR trademark application that we are about to file, we have to start with with filing an application for Bulgarian Trademark Registration or application for European Union Trademark Registration, which is the first and foremost step before initiating the International Trademark Registration procedure under the Madrid System.

As qualified Bulgarian and European Trademark Attorneys, we assist our clients with filing and prosecution of their International Trademark applications with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


We may further give you a hand in case of objections raised by the national trademark offices withing the prescribed 12-18 months after the International Trademark Registration. Thankfully, to our globally acquired relationship with well-recognized Trademark Agencies, we are able to provide our clients with a qualified, cost-effective, transparent and  simplified procedure of prosecuting their trademarks on a national level in case of such objections against their IR registration.


In combination, with our trademark monitoring, trademark renewals and trademark enforcement and opposition services, you benefit from a fully-supportive centralised service withing a single entry point of contact, ensuring the most effective worldwide protection for every business.

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