Supplementary protection certificate (SPC)


Supplementary protection certificates SPC -

Supplementary protection certificates (SPC) for products and devices enjoying patent protection in Bulgaria

shall be granted under the terms and procedure provided for in Regulation 1768/92/EEC of the Council and Regulation 1610/96/EC of the European Parliament and the Council.

The certificate application shall be filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria and the respective fees for filing of the SCP application, grant and maintenance of the certificate and publications shall be paid as well. After examination and compliance with the SPC requirements, the SPC examiner takes a decision for grant of SPC and issuing a certificate in which it determines the duration of the supplementary protection.

The granted SPC may extend the term of protection of a granted Bulgarian Patent by a maximum of 5.5 years and in the case of animal medical products by 5 years.


Our patent team assists our local and worldwide clients in filing their SPC applications with the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO).

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