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Acquiring protection through trademark registration is the first and foremost step for obtaining exclusive rights over your brand in a given country.

However, the Trademark registration is not an end in itself and its protection may easily get lost or lose its power if it is not properly used, enforced and monitored.

Hypothetically a competitor can pass off its products or services as yours by using a similar trademark and/or respectively file application for registration of trademark and subsequently register it. This situation causes two problems. First, the competitor is using your reputation to take away your sales and has the right to use his trademark as it has been successfully registered. Second, if the competitor sells products or provides services of an inferior quality, it will harm your reputation.


Therefore, a constant monitoring of trademarks is one vital aspect of the risk management strategy of your business in order to protect the time and money you have invested in your overall brand, including your trademarks. Developing a strong strategy before infringement or similar TM registration happens can minimize the costs of enforcement later.

Monitoring the official Trademark registers to identify new companies and identical/similar trademarks that might infringe your rights is of paramount importance after you get your trademark registered. However, it is extremely exorbitant task or scholarly task.


Thankfully to the unique synergy between the innovative hi-tech technologies and our significant experience in the field of trademark protection, we assist our clients in monitoring their registered trademark portfolios, either Bulgarian Trademarks or European Union Trademarks, by systematically monitoring all Trademark registers that might be relevant for each particular trademark and territory and sending them monthly reports with legal opinion on whether enforcement actions like filing trademark oppositions or cancellations should be timely performed.

Advantages of our trademark monitoring service:

Monthly perspective overview

of the trademark landscape in your business sector

Competent assessment

and identification of the grounds for opposing your competitors’ trademark applications

Cost effective monitoring service

Our Trademark Searches

are conducted by modern hi-tech computerized systems and algorithms and encompass the Cyrillic databases as well.

Protect your business

from potential loss due to attempts by competitors to register identical or similar trademark as yours

Keep an eye on your competitors’

trademark portfolios and reduce risk of infringing other rights

Reduce the risk of time and expenses loss

by avoiding going to the court in cases of unfair competition

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