EPO publishes blockchain conference report

As a follow-up to its “Patenting Blockchain” conference, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published a conference report entitled “Talking about a new revolution: blockchain” to provide insight into the impact of this technology on the patent system. Held at the EPO in The Hague in December last year – the conference was the first event organised by an IP5 office on this topic.



he new publication provides a summary of the event and reproduces the various speakers’ views and opinions. It starts by looking at what defines this all-pervasive technology, and setting out the impact of blockchain on the patenting landscape. The report also explains how the EPO and examiners from other major patent offices around the globe carry out patent searches and examinations on blockchain patent applications. The report ends by looking at the trends and challenges ahead, with the patent world set to see an increase in blockchain-related patents as a consequence of the potential for innovation this technology offers.

As a further contribution to the public debate on patenting and blockchain-related inventions the EPO is also sharing the insightful presentations and video recordings of the event that was attended by over 300 representatives from industry, academia, user associations, patent law firms, the judiciary, national patent offices and government bodies from 35 different countries.


Source: www.epo.org

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