Trademark registration

registration of trademark

The trademark registration procedure is relatively inexpensive and short in duration at the same time – approximately 1 year. Costs for registration depend on the number of classes of goods and services listed in the trademark application and on the choice of territories/countries.

It is of paramount importance to protect your trademark (brand) as early as possible due to the fact that a registered trademark usually constitutes the most valuable asset of a company and can serve as a powerful tool in cases of trademark infringements. By acquiring a trademark registration, you protect your exclusive rights and inform your business rivals that a particular sign is no longer available for use.

Depending on your business needs and strategies, protection of trademark can be acquired for the territory of Bulgaria by filing a Bulgarian trademark application at the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), for the territory of all European Union countries by filing European Union trademark registration (EUTM registration) at EUIPO or in multiple countries around the globe by filing an application for international trademark registration at WIPO.

Our patent and trademark attorneys with experience in innumerable trademark cases provide long-term support to your business with regard to trademark registrations (branding) and help to secure, maintain and protect your company’s reputation and the identity, individualism and integrity of the goods and services which you offer in Bulgaria, the European Union and worldwide.

Our trademark services are as follows:

  • Trademark applications and registrations:
  • - Bulgarian trademark application / registration at the Bulgarian Patent Office
  • - European Union trademark application / registration at EUIPO
  • - International trademark application / registration at WIPO
  • Counseling on trademark matters
  • Trademark searches
  • Opposition procedures
  • Responses to provisional refusals
  • Trademark renewals
  • Administrative disputes
  • Litigation proceedings (invalidation, non-use cancelation, infringement)
  • Drafting License agreements
  • Recordal of changes
  • - transfer of rights for trademark;
  • - changes in the name and/or the address of the proprietor of trademark;
  • - trademark license agreements
  • Trademark monitoring