Bulgarian patent application

Our team of patent attorneys with experience in various technological fields, assists its clients in identifying patentable inventions in all fields of technology. We also provide professional patent strategy advice and counseling on the most effective approach in materializing your inventions, taking into account each case independently, i.e. whether the invention should be protected by filing a patent application, an application for utility model registration or both, or in which countries and regions need to be acquired exclusive rights through grant of a patent for invention.

Analysing technological developments and the prior art on which the developments are based often reveals that a number of ingenious inventions seem to be patentable at first glance. However, the preparation of a legally binding patent application, coupled with the drafting of patent description, patent claims and subsequently acquiring strong exclusive patent rights on the protected invention, usually turn out to be burdensome tasks for the majority of patent applicants and inventors. The patent grant procedure is a long-lasting, complicated and exorbitant process, requiring monitoring of numberless deadlines, complying with substantial provisions regulated by the relevant Law on Patents and paying many procedural fees, i.e. filing fees, search fees, claims fees, fees for publication and grant, patent renewal fees.

Often innovative and valuable inventions cannot be protected by patent for invention due to misunderstanding and non-compliance with the aforementioned requirements. In this case, the close collaboration and personal dialogue between the inventor/applicant and his patent attorney is of utmost importance in order to enable him to identify as precisely as possible the main aspects of the technological development of an invention.

Our patent attorneys have been providing high-quality counseling and representation in patent cases before the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), European Patent Office (EPO), WIPO, EUIPO and Bulgarian courts.

Our patent services comprise the following: