Industrial design registration in Bulgaria

services for industrial design

It is out of discussion that a registered industrial design presents a valuable commercial asset, which IP object per se is often neglected when preparing strategies for management and use of intellectual property rights. The design registration procedure is quick, simple and cost-effective. As a consequence, it can rapidly become a powerful tool for preventing the competition from using the same or similar vision, which in turn will enhance the competitiveness and generate significant profit to its proprietor.

Should you seek an industrial design registration in Bulgaria, it is advisable to consult experienced Bulgarian patent attorney who can advise you whether a product is eligible for design registration and who knows how to present the appearance of a product in the industrial design application so as to acquire the broadest possible protection. Together with our clients, we find the most appropriate IP strategy. If need be, technical property rights, by either Bulgarian patent application or Utility model registration, and design rights, by industrial design application, are filed simultaneously in order to achieve the broadest possible scope of protection.

Our patent attorneys with extensive experience and qualifications in the field of industrial property, take into account the priorities of each client and accompany him not only through the process of registration of an industrial design in Bulgaria, but also in the European Union and internationally. Our team is experienced in handling industrial design cases at the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as in proceedings before the Bulgarian courts.

Our industrial design services include as follows:

  • Industrial design registration in Bulgaria
  • Registered Community Design (RCD) at EUIPO
  • International registration of an industrial design
  • Counseling on industrial design cases
  • Opposition procedures
  • Industrial Design renewals
  • Drafting License agreements
  • Recordal of changes
  • - transfer of rights for industrial design;
  • - changes in the name and/or the address of the proprietor of industrial design;
  • - industrial design license agreements