European patent validation in Bulgaria

A granted European Patent does not automatically provide exclusive rights to its proprietor in all of the designated contracting states in the European Patent application.

In order to acquire protection in Bulgaria from a granted European patent, first and foremost - Bulgaria must have been a designated country in the EP application and secondly - the granted European patent must be validated in Bulgaria.

The validation of a European Patent in Bulgaria must be completed within 3 months following the publication of the decision to grant a European Patent in the European Patent Bulletin. Bearing in mind that Bulgaria has not signed the so-called “London Agreement”, an indispensable part of the process of EP validation in Bulgaria is filing the full translation of the European patent description and claims as granted into Bulgarian with the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO), coupled with paying publication fees.

The requirements for European Patent validation in Bulgaria can be summarized in several essential steps:

    Bulgarian patent application
  • Appointing a Bulgarian patent attorney to validate the granted European Patent in Bulgaria
  • Translation of the European patent description and claims into Bulgarian
  • Filing the full translation of the European Patent specification at the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO) and pay the official validation fees within non-extendable period of 3 months following the decision to grant of European Patent

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