Industrial design

industrial design

A great variety of products can be protected by registered industrial design, no matter whether the products are inexpensive or luxurious. A registered industrial design protects the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the specific features of the shape, lines, contours, ornamentation, colours, or combination thereof. Regardless of its function or way of operation, this product can be protected per-se by acquiring an industrial design registration.

The exclusive right in an industrial design in Bulgaria shall be acquired through its registration with the Bulgarian Patent Office (BPO). An industrial design shall be registered if it is new and has an individual character. Its legal protection scope shall be defined by the graphic representations of the registered design. The proprietor of registered industrial design is entitled to use it, dispose it (assignment or licensing of industrial design) and prevent any unauthorized use by others in the course of trade.

The term of validity of industrial design registration in Bulgaria is maximum 25 years as of the filing date of the industrial design application.

Additionally, industrial design protection can be acquired in all member states of the European Union using a unified, quick, simple and cost-effective procedure - the Community design registration (RCD registration) system at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The term of validity of Registered Cummunity Design (RCD) is maximum 25 years as of the filing date of the community design application.

Another convenient system allowing the registration of industrial designs in multiple countries, using a single procedure and one administrative authority is the Hague Convention.